HOW MANY RACE NUMBER PLATES DO YOU HAVE STORED AWAY?  I have an overflowing shoe box of them.  Kind of like a little history book, or school album.  But how to use them?... 

... well, here's one way.

Wednesday nights we have this little practice MTB race on our local trails.

I'd say it's chill, but nothing with the word race is chill.  It is little, a 3ish miles loop.  And it is practice, with a Start or Go or something predictable to launch us.

Then the unpredictable will happen.

Someone will ride way over their head.  Another will blow a turn.  I'll probably just blow up.

Thinking about it, should I pull a rando from the pile or pull the Leadville plate since it's my A race for the summer? 

Now, if I'm having a great little practice race Leadville would properly burn in the success feeling.  But what if it's no bueno?  What if I'm suckering suffertash?  The mental association could be mucho negativo.

And that's where the numbers part of racing comes in...

.. the more you can race, the better you get...

... at everything.

At packing for the race, warming up, starting, staying focused, keeping fueled.

It's been said that practice makes permanent.  Who doesn't want to be permanently good at all aspects of racing?

I know Tina does because she called up today and told me about all the races she's doing... she's a charger.   From crits to 6 hour MTB races.  

She's from the south, and I'm a huge sucker for the drawl...

Darlin, does that PR Lotion really work?

Oh yeah!

You promise?

Yep, just put in on 30 minutes before you race.

For the long races I'm a big proponent of chamois cream as well.

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PS Join the PEDAL industries Strava Club for deets on the MTB races.


Stretch and HyperVolt
7.5 hrs sleep