APPARENTLY WE HAVE SOMETHING OF A REPUTATION.  People are concerned, even scared, they won't be able to keep up.  Then, they don't show up...

... tonight a brave soul took a chance.

Maybe it was the ride description?  Gravel adventure, friendly pace.

Maybe it was her new bike itching to get dirty?

Maybe the timing was right?

While the rest of us were whining about this and that prepping to start riding, Char just came right out with it...

... I'm worried I won't keep up, y'all are so fast.

I wasn't worried for one second about her chances, because when we say gravel adventure, friendly pace... by golly, we mean it!

For someone whose an accomplished track racer like she is, jumping on a gravel bike is easy.  Riding on a wide gravel road is no big deal.  That's why we took her straight to our local single track; the twisty one, with a few burgeoning rain ruts...

... so she'd have an adventure, be challenged and improve.

We all had a blast, witnessing one of the most glorious sunsets in recent memory.  There's just something about this kind of ride for forging friendships.

It's a mystery to me, this jumping to conclusions.  We may have a reputation for being a heartless bunch, but we sure ain't cruel.  That's the problem with myths I guess...

... or maybe the power of myths.

Whatever it is, I'll continue doing my best to set each ride's expectations. 

If the description is easy, it's probably gonna be too easy and I'll end up being half-wheeled the entire ride... which means you probably won't be invited back. 

If the invitation says adventure, expect to be challenged... and encouraged.

If the there is a speed warning, we ain't waiting so make sure you know you're way home.

It's good to mix up the rides, and the people you ride with.  Join us or join someone closer or start you're own ride.  Just keep your head up to the ride description...

... starting with the ever excellent KASK Helmets

My all around favorite is the Protone.  If I had to chose one that would be it.  The Valegro is excellent for MTB... and I really like it for night riding because it's easy to mount a helmet light up there.  The Utopia is most aero.  The Rapido is a good all arounder.

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166.2 lbs 
Stretch and HyperVolt
8 hours sleep