THIS REALLY HAPPENED.  Finally, after years and years and miles and miles… it happened.

How many times have a thought it would?

A gazillion.

But it never had.

There had been close encounters.  Near misses.  But no hits.

Until today…

Just before dawn, in the chilly shadows, I was riding along the bike path above Salt Creek.  Out the corner of my right eye I see a flash of white.  Then something hits my head.  There’s a golf course to my left, but nobody is that bad this early.  Plus, a golf ball would have really rung my bell.

It was a flipping seagull.

Little feller bounced off my helmet, corrected it’s flight and kept on going.

You got a long way to go Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

… now, if you follow that link you can read the plot to a famous and mostly forgotten book.  It’s worth it because of nuggets like this: begin by knowing that you have already arrived.

What else is worth it?… giving a few bucks to my favorite website, Wikipedia.


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