SOMETIMES LOSING IS BETTER THAN WINNING.  Like today.  When I got crushed on the local group ride.  My head was hanging pretty low...

... staring down at the ground.

Where lay a crisp $20.

It's like that sometimes.

One of the things I liked back in the good ol' days of categorized racing with huge fields was we lost a lot.  And, with every loss we'd limp home boundanddetermined to do better next time.

With a little luck, and a helluva lot of hard work, we'd score some points... maybe get a win... and advance to the next level of racing.

Rinse and repeat.

I've seen my fair share of athletes who come in, get an easy win and move on rather than moving up.

The money is in the losing, that's where we become better.  Where we learn to win at whatever we put our minds to.

While you can't always win... you can still score...

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