I TEND TO RIDE WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE ABOUT THE SAME SPEED OR A LITTLE FASTER.  So, when my dear friend CM was gone last weekend and let me know he was going to be gone again this weekend... I shoulda known.

Tonight is our standing dirt date...

... and it was clear I was in trouble on the very first tiny bump of a hill.

My legs were barking from a smashing TMWC yesterday... and CM, who missed it,  was just chatting me up like it was nuthin. 

On our first longish climb things got a little too quiet.  As you know, quiet rarely precedes joy..  And in this case, no doubt it was my own doing.  I couldn't talk.  It was all I could to keep up. 

He was putting the hurt on me pretty good...

... and I have to admit if Surfergirl dragged me out of town two weekends in a row I'd be laying down the power pretty heavy myself:  one, because I'd be rested; two, because I'd miss another weekend of riding.

Anyway, I'm sure this has never happened to you... but, if it does just remember it's not malicious... you are a little tired, your pal is not... you will be recovering the next few days and slaying the weekend, your pal won't... 

... it's not payback if it's not malicious.

Towards the end of the ride, it appeared we'd misjudged our adventure by about 20 minutes.  The shadows were getting too long, dusk was on us good.  

We hit this 2ish mile gravel segment, really pushing it.  CM on the front, like a locomotive.  I took a weaksauce pull and he came charging back around.  Then I gave it a good tug... because I remembered this would be a fun segment to get.

We got close.

We'll get it next time... maybe on a week when we've both been out of town and are rested.

One thing is for sure, it's always good idea to bring the blinkies  - regardless of the time of day.


We just got another shipment of these in.  The Lils and the Mids.  They're really awesome little lights, with 330 degrees or visibility.  Plus they are lite.

Anyway, you might be wanting some lights as the days start to get shorter... use this promo code:  LIGHTS.

For what it's worth, my friend RS just ordered a second set.  According to him You always recommend really good stuff.

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8 hours sleep

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