IT FEELS WRONG TO SAY... but, we have a bunch of badass ladies in the posse.  It's true.  And it's not just because they are fast and fierce... they have their own style, and I LOVE IT!

A thousand years ago, I'd look at the pro women times and figure that's about how fast I'd cover the same distance.

Surfergirl likes to remind me of the time I learned that wasn't exactly true... we were at the Napa World Cup and reigning champ Paula Pezzo rode by.  At that point, I'd been riding the course at a leisurely pace with Surfergirl and girlfriends.  When Paoula rode by I said...

Uh, I'm gonna speed up and see what course looks like at my pace.


Yeah, you know gotta practice my moves...


So yeah, in fanboydork mode I started following those shiny gold bibs.  I was totally on the limit as she gracefully slipped out of view.

Yeah, the course is pretty tricky, hard to find a good line...

Not as hard as the floor is going to be tonight

Anyway, today one of the ladies asked... 

How come no Ladies version of the PRs Over KOMs t?

Cause I'm a self-centered idiot.

No you're not.

I know... I'm totally awesome, but I just don't think sometimes.  So here ya go!

Love it!  Thanks Diesel.

No prob, thanks for speaking up.

Ladies, this is the same getsofterthemoreyouwash cotton and the same cantfeeltheprint inks.  You're going to love it

PRs are better than KOMs.  Any fool can grab a KOM, but only a master can grab a PR... and only a master knows if the public PR is legit.

Use promo code PRsOverKOMs

This t-shirt is going into production Monday, shipping around the 27th.

Remember to use promo code PRsOverKOMs and t-shirt delivered to you for $18.

That's right... get this incredibly soft warrior t-shirt delivered for $18 with promo code PRsOverKOMs... code expires 1/17/2020.


166 (uh, oh)
20 pull ups/60 push ups
8 hrs sleep

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