TO LIE OR NOT TO LIE, that is the question.  I mean, what do you do when you want the new rider to join you on the big ride that will most likely see them ejected at some point... hopefully later than earlier?

C'mon, it's a fun ride.  Everybody's real friendly.  There's a couple of rollers.  It's mostly downhill with a tail wind.


C'mon, it's the hardest ride around.  Dudes are all pros.  The climbs will sear your lungs.  You'll wish you'd never woken up, or even owned a bike.

Really, what do you do?

That came up today as new guy Adam trembled at Mike's description of Tesla... it's a 2ish minute power climb designed to eject all the wheelsuckers.

Just stay on Todd's wheel.

I'm not sure if that's a compliment or a put down... I think it means I know how to get up it with the least amount of energy spent, that I have no jump in my legs, and will usually find myself in the right spot to slowly slide back and grab the last wheel that's gonna make it as they roll by.

Anyway, that was Adam's mission.

But Adam is a feisty stallion with a decent jump and off he went... halfway where it levels off and speeds up a lot, I'm looking for that last wheel to take me to paradise and it's Adam... and a gap is every so slowly opening.

Now here's some real friendship.

Rather than pull through and close that gap, I'm just yelling like a kook...

... Don't let them go Adam!

And I'll be dawgawned if Adam didn't find something extra and git 'er done.

Which brings us back to the moral dilemma... to lie or not to lie.  And if you're gonna lie, which way?

After a serious rehashing we decided some will rise to the occasion of an horrific description while others do much better a dramatic understatment.

Me personally... I like to oversell a grueling effort for the simple reason I don't do guilt.  Kind of a You were warned thing.

But, that's me.

I'm always inviting.  Always overselling.  Always hoping newb will make it or be so dawgawn inspired they'll do what it takes to make it next time.  My friends ain't quitters, don't back down and don't lie nearly as much as me.

One place I'm a total Boy Scout is in product endorsements.  Sometimes I regret sharing all the secrets, but only when I see them go to waste by giving up.  So, if you're commit to squeeze every bit out of your potential know I've got your back.

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