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MY BUDDY IS A RACE PROMOTER.  He doesn't always see eye-to-eye with the highest level competitors.  I get it.  The top racers are tops because their committed and driven to win... that angst winners often have can spell trouble for a race promoters and the "regular folks" racing and riding at a lower level.

Invite 'em all to have fun,
be respectful,
ride hard.
You can always uninvite 'em.
That's how we do it.  We make the invitation, often.  Rarely is the uninvitation ever extended because the expectation has been consistently set in a fun and respectful way.  Everybody has a good time while givin' all they got on the bike.
You're invited
to have fun, ride hard, be respectful...
and be the sheriff when needed.
(It aint easy, it's necessary)


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