TAKE ME TO A PARTY AND I'M A WALLFLOWER.  Take me on a bike ride and I'm like... 

Hey I'm Todd, what's your name?

That's weird, right?

Fact is, I'm just not that excited to meet most people... I don't know why.

But, I love meeting bike riders... and I do know why.  We're just cool people, at least I meet a lot of cool people out riding.  It's easy to break out of my natural introverted self.

On the annual Newyearsdaytakeovertheroads ride, I saw a bunch of my riding friends from LA area, where the ride starts, and made some new friends.

I had no problem grabbing a Gatorade and seeing the 2for$3 asking a guy to join purchases with me.  He knew my name, I was embarrassed not to know his.  Then he refused my offer to Venmo him the $1.50.

I stuck out my hand, and got his name... Robert.

Thanks Robert!

When the ride got back to the coast and the LAs headed north, a new rider joined us heading south.  

Stuck out my hand...

Hey, I'm Todd.

I'm Brian.

Turns out Brian works at the Canyon USA Showroom in Carlsbad with my "bro" Freddie JMZ - you ever meet Freddie and you'll get the bro ref.  Brian's somewhat new to our riding locale... we traded numbers and I added him to our local chat group.


Aside from breaking out of my social shell riding... I made the ChainGang kit because this is going to be a breakout year for PEDALindustries.

I was surprised how many people were digging it on the ride, but more so when I stopped for a snack.  Dude that could be a body double for Hulk Hogan comes out and says... 

Man, I love that outfit!  

No, I didn't educate his Hulkness that the proper term is kit because that would be uncool... and bike riders are cool peeps.


One thing is for sure... when you're breaking out you want to be as light and fast as possible.  The Mini-RaceDay Bag is perfect for holding the bare necessities tight and aero under your saddle. 

And this is your chance to break our bank because for some reason the shipping is free on these right now... can you believe that?  

A killer storage solution for $19.99 that ships free?

Yikes... I better get that changed, but until I do... have at it.


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