I LOVE CARBS, YOU LOVE CARBS, WE ALL LOVE CARBS.  As athletes we pick and choose when to indulge and more importantly...

... when to use carbs for performance.

So, I had a chat with my bro Brad Keyes, founder of CarboRocket, who might just be...

... the best bro scientist I know!

  • Legit racer
  • Product that solved his problem

A few samples from the podcast:

What is the origin story of CarboRocket?

I used to throw up after all my races, so I make something that worked for me.  Gave it to a few friends.  Got an order from a bike shop. Mixed the first batch in my basement.

What is your background?

I have a degree in Native American Studies, I also have a lot of friends who are top notch nutritionists and scientists.

Have you always been an entrepreneur?

Not at all.  I was in the mortgage industry for 20 years.

How did you come up with your breakthrough product, Half Evil... you were way ahead of the establishment with 333 calories per bottle?

Do you own your own manufacturing?

What's the magic formula for calories per hour?

What are the advantages of beet juice for pre-race nutrition?

What about beet juice during a race?

What are you thoughts on post race or hard training nutrition?

Should we be drinking a gallon of water a day?

Why does Half Evil have glucose and fructose?

Why do we cramp and what can we do about it?

Does alcohol affect performance?

Are you faster on a singlespeed or a geared bike at Leadville?

Catch the full-interview here on the podcast,
or here on YouTube.

If you want to try CarboRocket... Brad gave us a killer promo code to save 25%.  

The code is:  RDR


7.5 hrs Sleep
1 Strength training
20 minutes recovery 
80 minutes reading + Journaling