THE VAN NEEDED NEW TIRES, so of course I'm gonna take it to Holley's Tire Service... because the owner is a bike rider.  I walk in and Ron announces to the few patrons...

Pedal Industries, a fine establishment... though I'm not to sure about Todd!

Howdy Ron.

I've been sending all my friends down there, tell 'em we gotta support these guys... we finally have a nice shop and a good mechanic again.

Yes you have, and I truly appreciate that.

Todd, we're gonna resurrect the old group and I want you to do our kits.  Our last kits were terrible, from Pearl Izumi.

Wow, I'm surprised to hear that.

Yeah, maybe the guys went low end.

Exactly why we don't offer a low end option.

The kits you did for the mountain bike team... I still have mine and they are great.  The colors are still really bright.

Well we're ready when you are.

How can I help you today?

Van needs new rubber.

Go with the Firestone's.  They're great and made in America... just like your kits.

Now, you see what he did there?  He wasn't buttering me up... he was looking out for me because...

... friends don't let friends ride on junk.

When I road the gravel bike back to pick up the van Ron was gone.  Sergio handed me the keys and looked in the eyes...

You bring that back every 5000 miles and we'll rotate the tires so they last a long time.  Stop in whenever you need the air topped off.

Whenever possible I always go with the bike rider that offers what I need.  I know they are going to look after me and get me product that endures.

Heck, that's how I got into this business.  I was making apparel for large corporations and then started helping my friends in the bike business with their branded apparel.

Anyway, it's a good little town we have here... for a surf town, we have a lot of really good riders... because the surf is fickle and the bike is always ready...

... we have road rides nearly every day of the week and the town is surrounded by wildness in which the retired firemen have cut in all kinds of fun, challenging single track trails.

Which is where the stamp logo comes from...

... a little something about our tshirts.  These aren't your itchy, boxy cheap giveaways.


These shirts are made from a special cotton that gets softer and softer the more you wear it.  

We use special inks that you can't even feel.  

And, yes... we help a lot of teams and companies get these t's with their logos on them, too.

I shouldn't even offer a special price on these.  At $20, they're a steal.  That's twenty bucks total, including shipping.

This code is good on all t's for exactly 1 day.

The code is:  HOLLEY


161 lbs
7 hours sleep

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