I CAN COUNT ON MY HANDS AND FEET AND WITH THE HELP OF A SUPERCOMPUTER THE NUMBER OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO MOCKED my love of cycling over the years and who now see the light.  The runners who can no longer run, the moto riders who want to ride better and longer, the surfers who want a daily stoke, and my favorites the sedentary who realize there's an athlete inside each of us.

That mocking made me rock solid in my truth: riding bikes is a lifelong sport. 

I was lucky enough to grab hold of that truth in my 20s.  Over the years my commitment never waned, though my time and focus changed with the responsibilities of life.  Still, even in my slouthest era I got out  a couple of times a week.

We share truth with our friends and family because we know it's good.

Of course our kids all got bikes and can ride, one even raced for a while.  Surfergirl and I still ride together.  I rounded up bikes for my dad and brothers and all kinds of friends.  Invited and encouraged.  At one point my dad was riding his bike back to the office at night to stay in shape and put in a few more hours of lawyering.

Still there's that mocking.

I ain't wearing spandex!
Wouldn't a motor be more fun?
Don't your privates hurt?
You rode how far?
...  you know 'em all

But, we stick with it... witnessing our health staying steady and often improving, while so many others are in decline.

And one day... if we're lucky... we live in a time when bicycle riding is more popular than it has been in decades.

What if they hadn't mocked us and we hadn't stuck with it? Would they be riding and improving their health today?

I dunno.

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Y'all are awesome!


Stretch and HyperVolt
8.1 hrs sleep