AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING LIKE THE OLD CROTCHETY GUY, I gotta tell ya... the road racing in the 80's, pro and amateur, was a million times more exciting than the last 10 years.

First the pro, because gotta save the best for last.

I was youtubing around last night and pulled up Greg LeMond's amazing time trial. 

Now, the thing that's not amazing is all the manufactured drama.  They did that back then because the entire race was packaged and shrunk for American's into a 2 hour special. 

So... if you can get past that, the actual story of a guy making up 50 seconds by averaging 33.89 miles an hour for just under 27 minutes is stunning.

But, that was just the start... 'cause youknow how youtube can getyou.

Next thing I know I'm watching all these classic battles of that era.

And here's the difference... those guys would make crazy, riskitall attacks.  Just bonkers.  Unlike today's tres boring powermetermetered approach.  The were like boxers throwing one haymaker after another.

So good.

The video quality isn't that good, but dang... that drama is delicious.

And amateur racing of that era compared to t'day?

Well, first there was only road racing and track racing... which really means only road racing.

With only one outlet, and an American World and Tour champion, and the 7-11 team doing their thing... road racing was nuts.

Imagine this... it's unbelievable when I think about it... but, true.  No internet, strictly word of mouth and a few flyers in bike shops... crits with fields of 120 Cat 3's would sell out, consistently.  

Road racing was so hot...

... but, we were not.

Most of us were in our 20s and had not clue how to train or ride etc.  We were simply in love with the sport and digging the adrenaline rush.

And... like the pros... we were swinging for the fences ourselves.  Team work was nonexistent.  Everybody wanted to win, wanted the glory.

Yep, the drama was just flippin' awesomesauce back then.

The fact that there was so much energy with just one outlet was the big difference.

One that hasn't changed on the road is the need for a stealth back under the saddle.


That, right there, is the mini-RaceDay bag.  It's made of MTB inner tube, and cinches down with a fat piece of velcro.

Developed by yours bikely because I can't stand listening to thing rattling around.

Fits the basics:  tube, cartridge, levers, and a couple a bucks.

Completely silent.

This is lowtech at it's best.

And you can get it delivered to your bike stand for less than 20 bones.



167.2 lbs (the horror)
7 hours sleep