CHRIS FROOME SAYS AGE IS A STATE OF MIND.  I say whatev'. He also says, he plans to snag his 5th TdF while simultaneously becoming the oldest to ever do it.  I say again, whatev'.  Meanwhile, Tom Brady switched NFL teams because his previous team said he was too old and he is now taking his new team to the Superbowl...

... cute stories, hopes of old guys.

Not at all relevant to what matters.

What matters, what has always mattered, is motivation.

Winning is always nice, and it's a motivator for sure.  But, TBH I think it's weak compared to things like revenge, anger and proving a point.  Yes, these are baser motives...

... but, I guarantee you they're a huge part of these super human performances.

These guys are pros.  Seasoned.  They won't be seeing red, hurrying, making mistakes.

They're killers.


When they strike, it's a killshot.

Do they have a chance against young phenoms? Not really.  They know that.  Which is what makes them so deadly.

But, they are just like us... right?

We can harness that same energy.

And, just like us they have to eat and sleep and ride and drink.

But, will they have these stylish bottles?


I mean, they are good looking bottles.  And they're tall, because sometimes when you are hacked off, looking to prove a point you have to ride long.


That's it.

Shipping is included.



163.6 lbs 
Stretch and HyperVolt
8 hours sleep