DID YOU SEE WHAT BAUKE DID AT THE TOUR?  I'll tell ya, it was dern impressive.  He broke away with 40k to go, and held a 1 minutish gap all the way in for the victory.  But, what I found comforting and astounding was...

... he did so without any type of computer on his bicycle.

Just on feel, baby!  Surely, his race director was giving him time checks.

Still, that's rad. 


In the age of Froomians staring straight down and watching their watts, here is a cat without even an HR monitor.

Riding on feel.

Flip!, I love that.

Don't you? 

Do you ever do that?

On hour or shorter races - crits and XC - I often do just that.  Because either I can ride with the big cats or I can't.  It's freeing, tbh, allowing me to focus on the actual racing.  I'm more aware of the situation...

... and better able to sense the flow of the action.

Occasionally, I'll even tuck it away on longer road races.  Sometimes at the start, and others during the final miles.

Personally, I'm not a breakaway guy like Bauke...

I am a get dropped guy and persevere guy when it comes to epic distances.  For those times, which are often, I definitely have my computer on.  I prefer to watch my HR...

... I'm old school that way, just not as old school as Mr. Mollema.


This, mon ami, is very, very, very new school.

We've been doing quite a bit of testing of various lubes.  This lube from Ceramic Speed is the current champion.

I rode it during the Crusher Saturday with no noticeable degradation in performance.  Then, I took it out again this evening without touching it and it still sounded great.

I'm going to be posting a video in a few days showing the astounding performance of this system. 

We're going to be offering 3 options with the lube. 

• First, the bottle. 

• Second, we'll take your chain and strip it in our sonic cleaner then soak it in acetone then we will professionally prep your chain with the wax.

• Third, we'll supply you with a new chain that has gone through the above process.

If you just need the lube...

... use promo code: MOLLEMA


Side Note: Dave J asked me what gear set up I ran Saturday.  I ran a 1x, full mullet:  38 and 10-52.


8 hrs 
Stretch and Hypervolt

Ride with us: https://www.strava.com/clubs/pedalindustries

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