GENERALLY, I SHY AWAY FROM TOO MUCH DATA AND STRUCTURE.  But, somehow I got convinced I should test myself before heading out for a brutal ride.  So, I bought a fancy shmancy monitor and downloaded the Elite HRV app.

Monday was the first measurement, no baseline established.

Tuesday, the indicators said Ride it like you stole it.  Well, yeah, I took Sunday off and rode very easy Monday.  We pounded TMWC.

Wednesday, I was still cleared to ride hard.  This surprised me.  I thought yesterday's effort might play a factor.  I did my normal Wednesday hard tempo with lots of vert and managed to bang out 2000' of elevation off-road on the gravel bike.  It hurt.

Thursday, the monitor said Not today, loco.  The app's prescription was to take the day off or do active recovery.  I surfed (SUP) for about an hour.  One nice thing was how easy it was to pass on going with the guys to the Market Ride tonight.

4 days into measuring I'm pretty sure I'm only going to confirm what I already knew:  ez Monday, hard Tuesday, Tempo Wednesday, rest Thursday, spin Friday and hammer Saturday is a pretty good formula.

I'm curious about tomorrow's reading.  Time to hit some light weights and stretch before bed.


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