SOMEWHERE ALONG THE TRAIL MY SOULBROTHER PETE AND I misappropriated a line from The Man From Snow River.  There's a scene where the young buckaroo cowboy shows up the villains, and the allknowing wise old man says...

'Im n 'is 'orse are mountainbred.

Any time we raced, any time we rode on the edge of oblivion, we'd pump up with our best 'strailyun accents

'Im n 'is bike are mountainbred.

But, it was true. 

We were mountainbred.

It was all we rode.  

At the time, I didn't even own a road bike.  And it showed.

Everything was second nature.... jumping, skidding, turning, no-braking, ridiculous speed... it was easy, flowy and relaxed...

... and the climbing, oh lordy, the climbing was effortless.

But that was then, and today was... painful. 

The first mile or 2 of our 9mile3000foot time trial climb was discouraging. The position felt off.  The power, limited.  It was just a grind.  Not fun.  It had been too long.  

... what am I thinking proclaiming that this is going to be a mountain bike year?...

But, a funny thing happened on the way to the top... as Chris and I climbed and chatted about "life"...

... I started to feel better, I settled in, found my groove, and got a glimpse of that mountainbredness.

... the last 2 miles were exquisitely awful, perfectly terrible... a sensational sensation, confirming this very real fact...

... there is betterness with specialization, maybe not greatness, but clearly to get a lot better it takes a lot more focus.

The great Eddy Merckx encouraged piles of miles, to that I add -> on the bike you'll be racing... only then will it all become second nature, only then will I once again be mountainbred.


One thing I've always loved from my original MTB days is a superlite fullfinger glove... you know the kind you can wear even on a hot day, the kind that are so thin you forget your wearing a glove at all...



I know we shouldcould and onedaymight increase the price on these by 50%, but until then you can get 'em delivered for less than 20 bones.

Crazy, I know. 


6.5 hrs sleep

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