THE PLAN WAS TO LEAVE AT 7AM.  Pesky clouds and rain wouldn't clear as predicted.  The group text kept pushing a later start.  At 9:20...

... I finally got on the road.

Can I just point something out for you who like to gather....

... please RSVP.

Multiple people I enjoy riding with missed the ride because I had no idea they were coming and I didn't add them to the text chain.

I could do better,
and RSVPing would help a brother out.

Anyway....... I really like the rides we do this time of year.

A lot more chill.
A lot more conversational.
Just base miles,
good times.

Which reminded me of one of my training break throughs from 2021...

... back to back hard days during the week,
long tempo on the weekend
the rest zone 2.

Which... has nothing to do with the title of the post.

But, this does.

When the bike comes back filthy, it's a good indication we had the guts to brave the elements. 

We kind of did today.
Wet roads can be slippery,
and lead to a lot of flats.

Since we missed the rain and the roads were drying and perfect by the end we also missed the soaked socks, soggy shoes...

... my least favorite consequence of riding in the rain.

Thanks to the great Steve B for sharing his secret...

... why his bike looked amazing and mine didn't.

He uses SC-1 from Maxima.

Tell us what you use, click here.


7.5 hours
pushups, pullups & squats
10 minutes recovery
90 minutes reading + Journaling