OF ALL THE PLACES ON EARTH, I have to imagine this is one of the easiest places to be AGOG.

We have miles and miles of wide roads with wide bike lanes, bike paths, dirt roads, and lots of single track.

All of which has a tendency to produces riders like me:  decent road racer, pretty good mountain biker.  

What I mean by AGOG is this...

You take the  pretty good skills many of the riders have around here and put them on a gravel bike and all of the sudden their prettygoodness turns them into A God Of Gravel - AGOG!

Just give 'em a gravel bike and they are instantly at the top of the food chain.


I was thinking about that, how when we develop talent in a variety of areas and combine them often we get 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 or 5 or 6.

Most top performers have developed a number of talents that when put together give them super powers.

For example, I remember Hakeem Olajuwon crediting growing up playing soccer with his fantastic footwork as an NBA All Star.

Once you learn how to see it, it's everywhere...

Anyway, it's just something I was thinking about on my ride today...

... which is why it's necessary for me to carve out the time to ride regularly.. and I have no problem saying Can't make it, gotta ride!




... cause who knows, maybe I'll take my passion for cycling gear and combine it with my manufacturing skills and my design skills and start company called PEDALindustries?... ya never know.

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