JUST HOW MANY FORKS IN THE ROAD ARE THERE, and how do end up where we do?  A quick pre-ride potty stop reminded me of how different things could have been.  Somewhere I chose to be addicted to maximum health, which has lead to so many like-minded friendships.  Together we roam the roads and trails, inspiring and looking out for each other.

But, it could have been different.

There were days where the aluminum in my life was much like the fellow who'd preceded me in the stall.  The posse I rolled with then was also supportive and inclusive, though headed off on trails that lead other places.

I tend to go all in, and I knew I had to breakaway.

Which I did.

As we raced along the coast, through Elfin Forest, up to Lake Wohlford the thoughts of why we do this and where it leads were on my mind.

Towards the end of the ride, a large and dirty man blocked our side of the bike trail with a rusty cruiser... spare wheel bungied to a box on the back.  He looked truly terrible.  Alone. Possibly confused.

We finished the ride.  On beautiful bikes.  Got in expensive cars.  Drove home to families that love us.

And left him there.

Somehow, I feel I took another wrong turn today.

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