WHO'S CARVED ON MY MOUNT RUSHMORE?  If I owned a granite mountain, and if I was a talented artisan, I'd carve these heads for all to see.  Instead I've carved the ideas and emotions of these four racers into my mind, and in a sense my own body... I'm guessing you've done something similar.


The great Eddy Merckx gave the greatest advice when asked his secret:  Piles of Miles.  So simple, so true.  Nothing beats time in the saddle.  Ever.  

But, there's more to that for me.  Most know he won the Tour de France a record setting 5 times.  He also one many 1 day classics as well as all kinds of track racing.  If mountain biking was a thing in his time, he'd have dominated that... and forget gravel.

Bonus:  he was merciless, hence his nickname The Cannibal.


7 seconds.  That's the narrowest victory of the Tour De France ever, and Greg LeMond will own that indefinitely.

I remember watching it on ABC.  It was unbelievable, making up 50 seconds in a short time trial on the last day of the tour. 

Yes, he's USA'n, and first USA'n to win Tour.

But, for me, the impressive part was his belief in himself, that against all France he would win.  

Bonus, he broke the tradition of leaving wife and family at home - family first.


Joe Friel wrote the Cyclist's Training Bible.  Finally here was a detailed, workable plan, and I gobbled it up.

I had the pleasure of eating with lunch with Joe a few years ago, and I can tell you he's just as nice and thoughtful as he comes across in the book.

Bonus:  in his 70's he's still totally geeked on cycling... just like us.


He crushed the competition at his first Tour of California, and I was hooked on his style.

He's a man of and for the people.

After that first ToC he came and raced our local weekly MTB race.  I thought it was just some wannabe in a Cannondale kit.  I lined up next to him, and he was nice as could be... then he disappeared.

Bonus:  he get's a lot of video time on his winning sprints and I've learned a ton watching and rewatching them.

Who's on your Mount?
Who inspires you when you're training, planning, racing?

Sometimes throwing on my kit feels kind of like becoming a different person, probably has something to do with all the inspiration.

By far the best way to change at the races with with the changing poncho.  It's easy, modest, fast.



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16.2 lbs 
50 pullups, 100 pushups
8 hours sleep
no ride - today

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