HAVING A LOTTERY 'CUZ YOUR RIDE IS SO POPULAR is a thing.  For me that thing is Leadville.  Due to a remarkable fitness hack, which I will kinda share below...

... I don't need the luck of the lottery for entry..

I'm in.

Earned it last summer.

Just today I was thinking it was time to ramp up the training and return to that most glorious fitness.

It was during the chilly and everpeppy Wednesday Worlds.

After a miraculous sprint....

... by my standards.

You see I had some good luck maneuvering to about 8th wheel with a 100 to go.

Then, nobody really went for it.

V for the old diesel.

But, I digress.

I was going to tell you about how to change your luck...

... via my fitness hack

Then, I got side tracked by an avalanche of email... one was a beauty, sent by a gentleman who not only cannot read but apparently is deaf... he was responding to my Free Book offer wherein I explain multiple times in SoCalSurfSpeak and text that the book is free, just pay the shipping.  I'm so impressed by his intelligence and ability to understand my heavy accent I thought I'd post his kind and loving message before sharing something with you...

You said the book is free, but then you want to charge me $8.95 when I go to order. What kind of scam is that?

If you're into scams, you're going to love this one.

When you click here: https://pedalindustries.com/collections/training you are taken to my best training secrets...

... where you can sign up for Free to be alerted for my soon to be released app called RaceDay Ready™...

... the base version, will be free, and very useful...

... the 10 Week RaceDay Ready™ training plan is really going to set you back, though.


I know what you're thinking... Freakin Diesel spent thou$and$ to develop a free app, where I can learn and apply his diabolical methods, and now that nogoodsunuvvagun wants to gouge me a whopping seven bucks for the upgrade!


I'm that kinda guy.

In fact, I'm worse...

... because this 10 week program to get your lycra clad haunches ready for RaceDay is so hard and demanding your gonna want that MASSIVE $7 investment back...

... you'll curse the day you ever heard of me...

... simply for doing my dawgawndest...

... to improve your luck.

Just do that cursing in SoCalSurfSpeak.



7.5 hrs  
10 Pull Ups 20 PushUps 10 Squats
HyperVolt & Stretch
60 minutes reading + Journaling