I'M AN OMNIRACER, not a monoracer.  Meaning, I'll race Road and MTB and Gravel.  Life would be more clear if I was a monoracer, but I'm not.

I like 'em all...

... surprised?

Today I busted out the new paper calendar for 2020 and went surfing to search events listed on SoCalCycling, USACycling, TeamBigBear, QuickNDirty, RaceOC, Epic Rides, LT100, DirtyKanza... 

Then I penciled all the ones that have potential (put 'em in pen for Feb so you could read 'em in the pic).

Will I race 'em all?  Maybe.

To win?  Not intentionally - but it's been known to happen... something about the pressure being off... many I'll use as an excuse to see my friends, to test product, to test ideas, etc.

The only "A" so far is Sagebrush Safari a classic MTB XC race - end of March.  I've never done it, and I know the course is challenging and the competition ravenous.

There's a slim chance I can get into Dirty Kanza, which would be another A... if not, I'm thinking Cascade Classic stage race as an A... they are both end of May.

Valley of the Sun stage race has potential to be the focus in Feb.

Sea Otter in April is always fun - I love the circuit race... and they added a gravel the next day... then I could do the MTB, which I've never done there.

The only other potential A is MTB XC Nats... I'd planned to do MTB Marathon Nats but turns out I have a family conflict that weekend... so XC - my weaker of the two - might be it.

The point of sharing this info is putting the all the races on a paper calendar does the magical thing and certain events start to pull on me more than others.

I think it's the paper.

Physically handwriting it all.

Makes it real.

That's how this omniracer sees.

This process is part of a book I'm working on,  The Racer's Life.

Who knows maybe I'll calendar it in and finish it this year.


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