USUALLY ON SATURDAYS I LIKE TO WRITE ABOUT THE BIG RIDE AND ADVENTURE.  And I had intended to do that today... especially after racing to the meet up only to get this text:

Don’t know if you left.  I couldn’t roll out into rain when I know it’s going to be sunny this afternoon. 

'Cause nothing's better than getting up at the crack o' dawn, gearing up, leaving your dry and warm confines, hitting the drizzle and pressing on because you committed to be there... 

... and nobody's there.

At that point, there was no turning back... sure my socks were getting soggy, sure the clouds were trapped along the coast by the mountains to my right, sure I had 30 miles to go before meeting the other group, sure they too might opt for the sunny afternoon...

... sure as hell, I was going.

And I was going to come home full a fire and rant about why so many people suck at racing in crappy weather and why I love it... rant about how much better the few of us out here in the road spray were than the sleeptards who stayed in bed...

... but, then the rain stopped.

The rant stopped...

... and in the cool morning air I made my way up a 20 minute 1000'+ climb overlooking the Pacific Ocean where a sunburst lit the big blue.

Gawd, ain't nature the best soul balm ever?!


The nice thing about the rain today was the temp... it was warm.  Which meant my Superlight race gloves were just fine.


They're $20 with shipping to your door.



164.8 lbs 
7 hours sleep

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