I COULD BARELY HOLD MY PHONE.  My arm was quivering.  My chest was too.

What was wrong?

Should I be concerned?

... no.

I was holding the phone at just the right angle to activate the muscles I'd thrashed an hour earlier doing push ups to failure.

160 of 'em, in this order:


... all because Jeff Kabush said you'll never win a mountain bike race if you can't do 50 push ups in a row.

I'm getting closer, because Jeff inspired me...

You know what else is inspsiring?

Riding on a well organized team... if you're on a team, and you need a new canopy or just a new top... the pro canopy special is going, reply to this and we'll get cracking.



160 pushups
7.25 hrs sleep
no time to ride : (

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