- rolling hills, coastal sage brush, granite boulders big and small.

Now add miles and miles of easytopass singletrack
- flowyfastfun trails you dream about and want to ride forever

... I probably shouldn't even post this.

Because now that I've figured out the Sagebrush Safari is the best XC course in Southern California, I want it all to myself.

It's a miracle this race isn't an overrun shyteshow with 2000+ racers on the line ala Leadville and Epic rides...

... it might get that way.

But, I hope not.

I hope it stays in the hundreds and off the radar.

I hope enough people come to be very profitable for Victor, and not one more.

It's too good.

Too fun.

It's also too good and too fun not to share.

So, I'll tell ya what... the first person to share this post on FB, Insta and Strava will get their entry paid for by little Ol' me... unless you're already registered, in that case you can gift it to your favorite pal.

Just shoot me links of your handiwork.

It was rather chilly when we started, 43degrees chilly.

I was glad I'd packed my KOM jacket... you know, the one I designed to wear on days like this.

It was perfect until it warmed up, then I tucked it easily into my middle jersey pocket.


So, if you have any days planned with chilly/wet starts you'll want to have this jacket.  It's wind and water resistant membrane is super thin and breathable, yet kept me warm and dry.

Use promo code: SAGEBRUSH



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  • Noel E Tabor on

    it’s sad that the Sagebrush was canceled a few years back from lack of popularity. not enough racers. and it used to be a HUGE event, back in the NORBA days.

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