TONIGHT, I SAW THREE THINGS I'D NEVER SEEN BEFORE.  The first happened early on the ride, between 2 riders who barely know each other.  I know one of them real well, so when he said he forgot something I wasn't surprised...

... I was surprised by the quick solution, a true trailside rescue.

I forgot to charge my battery.

Your lights?

No, derailleur.  It's red.

C'mon Rookie!

No worries man... take mine.  I have two.  I won't use the front one.

And, just like that, problem solved.

There's one more thing about this first surprise that was not surprising.  Our crew is really giving and caring.  That instant giving up of the battery is just the way we are... when we aren't kicking the crap out of each other.

Okay, the next two surprises I have no photographic proof so you'll have to take my word for it.

I came whipping around a turn and a giant, and I mean GIANT, owl was right there.  It's head spun around, the flat face, wise eyes, vicious beak... it stayed put.  Not even a ruffled feather.  More of a...

... Hey man, nice night.

Ten minutes later, higher on the trail we saw a million little, white field mice.  They reminded me of snow blowing across the road, their white fur gleaming in our lights.

Only now is it dawning on me what Mr. Owl was doing, still as can be trail side.

I would have been freezing if I was just standing there like him.  In the dark.  Not moving. 

At a minimum I'd need a sexy beanie to keep my head warm.


Probably this green one, to blend in... but, maybe the black one for the night or the blue one to match my eyes or perhaps the gray one for dawn?

Final surprise... you can get any of those colors delivered to you for $20... yep $20 includes said beanie in preferred color and shipping.

Get one:  https://pedalindustries.com/products/pedal-beanie-available-in-4-colors-instock


163.1 lbs 
50 PullUps 100 PushUps
8.2 hours sleep