MY SWEET, SWEET MOTHER-IN-LAW passed away last night.  It was overdue, but we will still miss her uplifting spirit.

I rode alone, mistyeyed and laughingtomyself... all the emotions, reflecting on her influence in our family's lives.  These are the rides we all need from time to time, and they're best solo...

... stopping along the way.


Good things happened all day long, credit to her.

Scott called to say he'd received 2 bags... one should have gone to Alvin... which was great because Alvin called to say he couldn't track his order.  They live nearishby each other.

Nancy and Neal joined the PEDALposse.

Two new teams took the time to email me and let me know how lovely it is to work with designer Rocky.

... and Shane reminded me that he and Abbey and friends are coming over tonight to watch Abbey dominate on Ellen's Game of Games - it's finally airing.

As I wind down the day, I'm feeling very blessed to have known a great lady... her gravelvoiced husband parted long ago and I'm reminded of Johnny Cash's rendition of In My Life.


... a while back, she told us a new story...

I used to sunbathe in the nude on top of our house.


Yes, I was always worried Momma would catch me.

Such a Wild Child!


If you're feeling a little wild, this is a pretty good place to start



If you've never heard this version Johnny recorded it just after June passed... it's an old Beatles song.

164.4 lbs 
180 push ups
6 sleepless hours

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