THE ONLY I PERSON I EVER MET THAT SWEARS HE KNOWS HOW TO BRAKE IS SUPERDAVE.  If you don't know SuperDave he used to be a hitter at FELT until he got called up to the big leagues at Specialized... not that that is any indicator of his braking ability.  But, if you ever see his sizable mucsulus quadriceps or his blistering breakaway you might say...

... Do tell, how to brake.

For me, it came up when he was setting up 3T America a couple of years ago.  We were both bragging about how awesome we are while ignoring each other when he caught my ear.

You can borrow this bike I've been riding, but the front brake pads are really worn.

Won't be a problem.

I didn't think it would, you look like a back brake first kinda guy.

Aside from that hurting, and his skill estimating ability being slightly off, he had a helluva point.

Most riders, probs you newguygalpersonhuman, are riding around with smoked rear brake pads and pristine fronts.


Because most riders were raised by parents screaming... 

Don't touch the front brake you'll kill yourself!

... consequently, most riders have that nagging bit of self-doubt banging around their helmets.  Yes, it sucks. But, it's real.  

--> unrequested parenting advice:  our minds can't see negatives.  Tell your kids and loved ones what you want them to do, they're going to visualize and act on whatever you say.  Tell a kid Don't run into the street and what do they do?  I could/should write a book on that. <--

... back to making good braking habits.

Try this at home, at your own peril... this is only one Old Diesel's opinion:

  1. Apply your front brake liberally, it is 70% more powerful than the rear - or something like that.  You can really lay on it hard when traveling in a straight line.
  2. In turns, I'm pretty even on the brakes... unless I want to slide the rear for quicker directional change, then that rear is locked up.
  3. Make it a goal to wear the front and rear pads out equally.

That could be free advice worth more than you paid...

... speaking of paying.

You're not still using one of these are you?

When you could be using one of these...


In the off chance you're looking for an extremely svelte wallet to hold a few cards and a couple of Benjamins... a wallet that will never, ever in a million years fall out of your jersey pocket...

... you can have this favorite o' mine - well a brand new one - for a mere 20 bones.



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