THE FINISH LINE COULDN'T COME SOON ENOUGH.... nah, the finish was never coming.  The cramps started just after I missed a crucial turn, which happened just after I got snapped off the back, which happened a little too quickly after the start.

Now lest you think this is some pathetic woe is me post... 

... it ain't.

First, it's good to get whacked... and boy did the locals whack me.  From elbows out at the start to turning the screws as the heat beat me down while seemingly making them go faster.

Second, it's great to be involved in an activity that requires I maximize my health... gotta take the very best of care of me to have fun.

Third, I'm here with my pals.  Some I've just met.  And we just spent the afternoon on the porch talking about nothing. 

Yeah, these are the results I'm looking for... inspiration, max health and fine friends.

Of course I wasn't thinking about any of this during the final miles.  

All I could think about was the ice cold CocaCola in the van.  It was going to be so cold.  So wonderful.  The smooth bubbly sugary formula kept secret for centuries was drawing me in like a moth to light...

... even passed a few on the way in...

... that's how much that Coke was pulling me.

Can a Coke even be properly appreciated without feelin' the burn?

Questions like this can only be answered by us... me and you.  And, if you were here I'd a had a bottle for ya to join me like the rest of the fellas.


Since you aren't here, how about a deal on water bottles?


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