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I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE DIFFERENT TSHIRTS WE'VE PRINTED UP IN THE LAST YEAR... probably because some troll made this uninformed comment on a fun video we made:

Instead of making fun of people like that, put your efforts into helping them be better prepared for riding or racing !!!

And, I'm thinking... Oh my dear little clueless troll... what do you think we are doing every, single, day?

What trollypoo missed is the focus of the video was this guy getting geeked up on our product and making fun of himself!

But, back to our message(s) which I crammed into the above graphic... it's really our (mine and yours) message to the world.

Ride your bike.
Be healthy.
Do you best.
Every day.

It's not a panacea... but, it's a helluva good place to start... and a lot of fun...

... like this video:


If you happen to get inspired by that cinematic masterpiece and want to get a RaceDay Bag™ for yourself or a friend...

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163.6 lbs
Stretch and Roll
8.5 hours sleep

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