TYSON FAMOUSLY CHIRPED, Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

I had a plan today.

Then, on the second climb... after an adventurous warm up... well, a funny thing happened.

Got a shot of endorphins.

Tossed out my plan to lay low.

Dropped a few gears.

Stood up.

Cut loose.

Couldn't help it.

Felt too good.

Temps were perfect.

Pre-dawn sprinkles left hero dirt.

Scared the crap out of a trail runner.  He jumped. Fell backwards.  I felt bad... but bro, seriously, take the headphone out.   Nature sings a better song... and maybe next time you'll hear the first, second and third friendly hellos from the old diesel.  He probably had a plan, too.

I guess there was a triathlon at Chrystal Cove.  One of the things I really dig about the tri scene is the newbs who show up on 20 year old road bikes to dip their toes into the sport.  Saw more than one of those in the parking lot.  One dude had a giant medal around his neck, and a bigger smile... atop a two-wheeled relic.

The hiking population was down about 50%, 'cause sprinkles.  So was the biking population.  Better shredding for me.

2ish hours in I remembered why I was gonna lay low.  Sore throat, body fighting something.  And I had to shut 'er down.

Worth it?


Now... I can burn through some overdue work projects... and rest manana.