I GOT SO HIGH I LOST MY MIND YESTERDAY.  It didn't dawn on me until I unloaded my bike very late last night.  And, there was the evidence.

My water bottle had been crushed by the the dense air when I returned to sea level.

But, it was too late to make a course correction.

By then I'd eaten tacos and burritos and ice cream all day.  Very falsely assuming I'd been in some sort of caloric deficit.

True, we'd climbed nearly 7000' that morning.

False, we'd burned 80,000 calories.

Which reminded me of a quote I read earlier this week:

Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition... decide what you want or ought to do during the day, then always do it at exactly the same moment every day, and passion will give you no trouble. - W. H. Auden

... didn't start off with my morning rituals - had to pick up MD, the M.D., too early.
... didn't end with a blogtime story - fell asleep with laptop on chest, too late.

Meanwhile, I wasn't shocked when MD, the M.D., geared up only to learn he'd forgotten his gloves.  I whispered to myself...

Bro that's exactly why we created the RaceDay Bag...

... to making loading up a routine.

Just in case he's reading this, hoping he made the blog, I'm pointing out that the Black bag is $10 off at the moment and if he uses promo code SAVE10 it's even less.


Yep... if you've ever showed up to a ride and realized you forgot something maybe your routine sucks as bad as mine did yesterday.

Use promo code SAVE10



164.8 lbs 
Lay on beach
5.5 hours sleep


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