I'M THE BRAVEST, TOUGHEST PERSON I KNOW until I'm faced with a threat.  Then, I'm much for flight than fight.  Tonight, long after the shadows took over, I leaped up a steep single track leaving the comfort of asphalt and street lights behind.  It seemed like a good way to get back home.

My light was shining steady and bright, and I zoned out lost in my thoughts as my legs spun an easy tune.  It felt so good to get away from the bustle of my daily hustle.

City behind.

Cars long gone.

Just me, my light and a dried mustard weed forest.

The moon was yet to rise.  It would beam bright, eventually.  But, at the moment things were quite dark.

I heard a yelp up ahead, to the left.  Not a big deal. 

Coyotes are shy.  I see them often... in fact, I've been seeing them a lot lately. Usually alone.  Occasionally, two or three.  They are aren't starving, they are big and healthy.

Another yelp.  This time  ahead, and off to the right a bit.

At that moment, I was reminded of Justin's encounter with a coyote on the way to TMWC.  It ran along side him.  Unafraid.  It flanked him.  It should Justin up for weeks.

The next yelp was off to my left.  

Were they surrounding me?  I was alone.  Going up hill.  Breathing rather hard.

I stopped.

Whipped my rig around.

Flipped the beam to highest strength and got the heck outta dodge.

... real brave, real tough... ha!, not tonight.


164.4 lbs
8 hrs

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