IT'S INCONCEIVABLE.  How is it possible that I'm setting PRs as I age?

Not the climbing kind.

Or, TT kind.

The ripping the lugs off your sidewalls kind shredding a long descent...

... I wasn't really going for it because my riding buddy (gotta protect the innocent here) was off the back.  

I just felt really good and very planted.

So, here's what I think is happening.

1.  I have a very, very fast bike.  Scott Spark.  Roval wheels with ceramic bearings.  Maxxis 2.2 Ikon up front, Maxxis 2.35 Aspen on the rear.  25lbs in each.

2. I'm strong.  For the past year I've been very dedicated to my weight training and core work and stretching.  Generally, I hate doing it but always feel awesome when it's over.  

3.  This is gonna sound weird, but it's true... I can see better.  When I first came back to my MTB roots my eyes would scramble over rough terrain.  Like they were loose, rattling around.  Everything would go fuzzy at speed.  But, by riding a lot of MTB they have steadily gotten stronger to the point that my vision is stabilized. Weird, right?

Now, if you're really hauling @$$ like I am, you've got to have a great connection to your bike.  Which is why I've worked so hard on these gloves.


The leather palms are super thin and perforated.   The top is perforated polyester... you can see your skin.  They are super light.

I may be sweating like craycray, but I neverever slip and my hands are always cool.

They come in lots of colors, and yes we'll make 'em to match your team gear.

Check 'em out. 



165 lbs 
0 pull ups/0 push ups
6 hrs sleep - not enough
4 hour epic MTB

Ride with us: click for info. 

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