NEARLY 9 YEARS AGO MY BEST TRAINING PARTNER SHOWED UP.  He hadn't ridden since he was a kid.  He wanted to get serious, really give it a go.  Sweeter words were never heard...

... Hey Dad, I wanna try racing.

I picked up an MTB for him, Sponsored By Dad was still a thing then.  But, the road was calling.  I hadn't raced road for decades...

... I'd forgotten how exciting it was to put down the power and have traction.

The training was so fun that next summer.  Lots of time riding side by side. 

Then the racing started.  Mostly he raced.  I met him all over the West - Bend, SLC, Phoenix, Tucson.  Supporting, driving, occasionally kitting up to give it a go.  He charged through the categories...

... I was inspired to get back at it, too.

Time passed. 

School got busy. 

Career got started. 

Bike got sold.

Recently, he moved back to SoCal. 

They decided to settle down here.  

His old MTB, from way back when, came into the shop to get some major servicing done.

An order went in for a serious BMC MTB racing rig.

Being the sneaky sunuvagun that I am, I suggested You should train for Leadville and do it with me next year...

... figuring it will go nowhere.

We met at Laguna Wilderness today, some of the best singletrack around.  

I'm numbering my rides on Strava.

Whadaya mean?

This is ride number 5 since I'm back at it.

Was it wrong of me to enjoy him huffing and puffing while I cruised along?...
... not after him shelling me for those brief years of racing.

Was it inappropriate to try and drop him on the downhills?...
... not when I looked over my should to see him smile and say I'm drafting.

Was it bad of me to sell him on an upcoming race?...
... not when he says he just wants to be able to keep up with me.

Back at his car, he uploaded.

I didn't accomplish anything.


First time here, no cups or PRs.

I could have said...

No, you didn't unless you count your dream career, marriage and carving out your own place on the planet.

... before I could get a word out...

Next time will be nothing but PRs.

I hope I can keep up.

One of the things I loved about those racing days was talking about what was working.


For sure, this works.

It's like magic, which is exactly what I'm gonna need.

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Best trail sign ever.


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