THERE'S A RETAINING WALL NEXT TO ONE OF THE SIDEWALKS ON MY SPIN ROUTE.  It has a perfect ramp to ride up.  Each week I make it about 10' then I have to pop off of it.  Tonight was different.  I rode the entire length.   

Previously, I'd only look about 2' ahead and spend all my energy trying to stay away from the edges.  This is a terrible strategy, and it proves that you get what you focus on.  I was focusing on the edges.  I had no vision.

What a loser!
I know better.

Tonight, I focused on the end of the wall.  I didn't looked down, my vision was 50' ahead.  As a result, I rode faster and never really had to adjust the handle bars.

It's kind of weird when you think about it.  I could ride that distance with my hands off the bars if I was going fast enough.  The faster you go, the more stable the ride.  But, there is something about the height of the wall I guess. 

I know perfectly well from mountain bike racing that you only focus on the trail and never on the rocks, ledges, branches and other hazards.

The body follows the head,
so look ahead,
far ahead.


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