TODAY WAS THE SANTA BARBARA COUNTY ROAD RACE, and I was totally unprepared for what happened.  I mean, there was a race.  I was prepared for that.  I made the move I thought would work and, well... it worked out pretty darn good.  It was the rest of the day I was unprepared for.

After months of only seeing a large chunk of my friends on the interwebs, there they were.

In person.
It was great.

We were all hugging and fist bumping... and elbowing?  Yeah, Mr Universe said Don't touch me so we elbowed.  It was so good to see people in the flesh.  Look 'em in the eyes, and see their souls.  Real friends, real people.  Well wishes of good luck sloshed about, then did our best to kill each other.

... there is a training message coming, bear with me...

After the bike race, and after the love fest I hustled south to get to the Simple Green team night at RockNRoad.  Mike Okano invited me over to make a presentation to the team regarding HUNKR.  Which I did with as much gusto as possible after healthy bike race and 4+hours of driving in traffic.

Things broke up and a familiar face with a few more lines etched in said... Todd, it's really you! Yep, but... It's Jeff NewmanOh my gosh, JEFF!  Now this was whole other love fest. 

Jeff and I used to ride and race pre-kids, maybe pre-marriage.  Back when Coffee Crew was the most badass Saturday ride... we'd crush each other up the coast with Schooler and Stricky and Newman and Salzman and Tessman and Miller and Kurzenski and Lyle and Pellkofer and GINA and even Linda Brenneman just hitting it and hitting it and hitting it until we got to Corona Del Mar and collapsed at C'est Si Bon.

What I wasn't prepared for today,
Was seeing so many friends,
Young and aged,
New and old.
Get ready folks,
Be prepared to connect,
And reconnect with our awesome tribe at HUNKR,
'cause everbody'll be there.
Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10