OUR VERY SOUTH COUNTY POSSE IS POWERED BY A LOT OF YOUNG DADS.  So, MikeyG put together a solid-Gould route that would get our heroes home early to their youngins... lest their maidens revoke their SatPasses.

We left on time, 7am.  

Several riders missed the start by 2 minutes.  Could we have waited?  Yep.  Should we have? Nope.  We love these cats so much we want to train 'em up right... show up on time fellas.  (side note:  the tardy riders are all old dads).

With the young bucks pounding away on the front I slotted in like Santa out for a slay (sic) ride.  We picked up JParker and JWolf and the Lion King himself, PFetzer... damn! -> we might even make Laguna Beach Cyclery a waypoint if I can tap the dew off my lily there.

It was 10ºF in Laguna Canyon.  No sun.  Humid freeziness cutting to the bone. But, massive heat was being put out by The Bull.  This is the official "it's on" section... and it would stay on for just over an hour, to the official "it's off" finish.

Here is a secret HUNKR training tip:  60ish minutes of intensity with seven 2-6 minute efforts is a great way to get you battle ready.  It's interval training with carrots, a lot tastier than interval training alone.  On this ride, there's always someone ahead, to the side, or coming up from behind... unless you are The Bull or Bob Frosty.

Halfway through:  Boom!

SDS' tire blew.  Should we have stopped?  Nope.  Did we?  I'm ashamed to admit it.  We stopped.  We never stop.  Why?  Because it's not good for the group to stop, and our allegiance is to the good of the group.  Plus, the youngsters gotta get to their youngins.

Too soon for me, we were chasing SDS up the final push (we shouln'ta stopped)to the stop sign at the top of Highland.  The plan is to re-group here, then soft pedal up PID and home.

Does this ride have a name?  Not one that's stuck:  Laguna Loop, Hour of Power, Power Hour, Dad Ride, Beach Cities Cruiser (Bruiser), Bone Yard Boys (if start at DoHo), Mike's Magical Mountain Tour... something'll stick.

What's the purpose of this ride?  ride early, ride hard.

I'm all for it... I used to get home a lot earlier.  Play with the littles... then ride with the littles when they got bigger.  Today it felt good to not be smashed after an 80 mile slog.  I even had enough energy to lift some weights, which is right in line with my anti-aging program...

I used to be a dad,
well, I'm still a dad,
but, I'm not.


Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10
170.6 (again)

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