IF THERE IS A SEASON FOR FLAT TIRES, it's right now.  I felt bad for Charlie. He'd gotten up early and hustled down to the start of our ride to put in some fast racepace miles and flatted.  I didn't see it, just got the report...

It's 7... let's go.

Charlie flatted.


Just around the corner.

You didn't wait?

Nope... I waited for a flat on Tuesday and missed the ride.

We always leave on time, and as a group we never stop for flats... those lucky enough to have a friend on the ride might have the good fortune to have help for a speed flat fix.  But we aren't friends... at least not on the rides. 

This no stopping policy isn't true on all rides just the hard rides.  I think that's because we are all too lazy to do intervals alone and use these rides in lieu of such idiocy.

Pete flatted later in the ride.  I stopped.  What a hypocrite I am!  Kinda... Pete and I friends, sure, but my son Trevor is getting back into riding and had been shelled on the 133.  Here was a chance to help a friend and wait for my kid - who is not really a kid. 

Peter got rolling and I turned around to find T... called, but no answer.

Then a ring.

Where are ya?

I'm up by the toll road.  You?

We took a short cut.

Cool... I'll see you at the finish.

I guess there are still tales to tell even with flat tires.
Just different ones, not the ones you'd planned on.
Sometimes they are better...
Maybe always.

Save the dates:  HUNKR 3/17, 6/9, 11/10 – TMWC 7/10

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