HUNKR-LA Recovery Week

HUNKR-LA Recovery Week

RECOVER AIN'T EASY.  Especially after a terrible ride like Saturday's.  So many rides and races, so little time to recover... what's a man to do?

1.  Sleep a ton.
2.  Ride super easy.  No intensity until Friday.
3.  Stretch and roll every night.
4.  Eat clean... and don't put on weight... Surfergirl is back in town, this is going to be near impossible.
5.  Don't put on weight by doing a bunch of core and upper body stuff... pray for surf.

What's a bike to do?

1.  Get cleaned up.
2.  Rent some race wheels... found a shop that will rent ENVE G23s.
3.  Double check EVERYTHING.

What's a camper to do?

1.  The camping at HUNKR-LA is beautiful.  I begged my buddy to rent his sprinter for the weekend... and he said OK!
2.  Gonna have to do some shopping on Thursday.
3.  Pack it all up.

It's almost party time!

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