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HOW TO DESCRIBE TODAY?  LET ME START WITH FRIENDSHIP... the kind were you and your pal say good-bye to the group and head into the wild, and that friend says Take my chews, you need some sugar, and it's 103 degrees and your clawing your way up a rugged and exposed jeep trail, the kind where you collapse together as you summit the final climb.

That's friendship.

... oh, and the kind where you're so smoked you drive off with your wallet on the top of the car and your friend says No problem, I'll buy and you can go back and find it...

... are you picking up what I'm putting down?... 

If you are, then HUNKR - LA is for you... and your friends who are into super-scenic and epic adventures.  

By 5:24AM I was on the road, hustling to meet Neil Shirley's crew at Castaic.  The plan was to ride with them for the first 2/3s of HUNKR - LA then peel off and ride the dirt back to the final summit.

I'd love to tell you all about the details with my usual amazing wordsmithing, but Toddy very tired.  So, feast your eyes on this.

When should you drive through LA?  Saturday morning at 530,
speeding and loving it.
Neil's crew on the lower slopes of Historic 99.  This road was built over 100 years ago and served as the only way to get to Bakersfield for about 50 years.
After that amazing 20 miles, we got on a country road for 30ish miles where we saw a total of 9 Porsches and about 15 other cars
Then we hit the dirt
This is what friendship looks like.
There is definitely poison oak to be found at the bottom... this is the only single track, it's not too long.  It takes us from an abandoned camp site to this crazy paved stream bed... no photos of that doh!
Alas, we exit the dirt and have the final 3ish miles up a paved climb
... yep, went back and found the RaceDay Wallet laying in the road...
There's a bunch of videos here:
But, this a classic


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