Hey there Awesomeness…

I’m so stoked you got a RaceDay Bag (or considered it)...

... It's gonna change your life...

... the right bag will make you go faster because race day becomes a whole lot easier.

So, let's get started.

Watch the video or read below.

I store my bag with all the pockets unzipped, so the bag can breathe and smell fresh.  When I grab it, it’s ready to load.  Some of the posse store their bag with their gear ready to race.  

First, put your shoes in there… and make sure you’ve got the right shoes for the bike and event.  I always do this first.  In fact, one of the inspirations of the bag was my second Leadville 100.  Halfway to Colorado I realized I had left my shoes behind.  My wife called FEDEX, but they couldn’t guarantee delivery the next day because it was a tiny, forgotten town at the time.  As a back up, we bought $300 shoes in Fruita.  But, they didn’t carry my brand of pedals.  Phoned ahead to a shop in Aspen that carried them and arranged to have them leave a bag outside after hours.  It probably looked like a drug drop.  Great, big, huge hassle.  Put your shoes in first and zip ‘em up.

Second, slide your helmet in the other end.  It’ll go right over your shoes.  If you have the PRO, add your bottles (I recommend not filling them, ya never know if the lids will leak).  Zip ‘em up.

Now, look at the top of your bag.  Go through our check list.  You’ll notice extra space for you to Sharpie in other items.  Need and ibuprofen?  Write it on the pocket.

Personally, I like to do one pocket at a time.

Once you're packed, put the bag by your bike, or in the car.  It’s a RaceDay bag and you wanna have it with you, right?!

Now here’s the beauty.  If by chance you get 15 minutes down the road and start wondering… Gee, did I pack my glasses… in seconds, you can go to that pocket and find them.

This is peace of mind.  You’ll be relaxed.  You’re gonna have a great day!

So… tell us about it.  Post on our FB or Insta or Strava pages.  Let us know.  We’re cheering for you… and ya never know, we just might send you a surprise.

Got any questions.  Email me,


PS ->  This must be what it feels like to dope... there's no way I'd show up to race without PR Lotion, it's that good.  Promise.

From the first time you use it, you'll know...

You'll be saying things like, It's super weird, I've never felt better.

For short races, apply before.

For epic rides and races double up.  Put on when you rise, then apply again before you head out.

I don't use it for training rides because I'm afraid it'll make me ride too hard.

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I won't tell if you use it to steal KOM's....

K, that's it for now.