GETTING FROM HERE TO THERE IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS, but we still do it.  Customer John stopped by this week.  He's been beta testing my new training program RaceDay Ready.  He looks totally different...

... I only noticed because of the time gap.

And, that's the problem for some of us.

Without the gap in time the difference in his stature, shoulders and belly would have been indistinguishable from one day to the next.

Which is what I was thinking about on my ride today.

I'm committed to laying in a bunch of zone 2 training through the end of the year.  Sure, there will be a few group rides and maybe a D race.  But, the commitment is there to lay down some good base miles.

My first A race isn't until March.

Come January I'll start bringing in more intensity.

This type of training is somewhat hard to quantify.  It can feel as if no progress is being made.

I've found the only thing that gets us through the all important base miles and months is passion.

You know what would be a big set back?...

... getting busted changing au naturel.

Which exactly why we make changing ponchos... lots of colors to choose from, or if you like, we'll make them to match your team designs.


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168.4 lbs. heaviest I've been in years, yikes!

8 hrs  
10 Pull Ups 20 PushUps
No HyperVolt & Stretch
30 minutes reading + Journaling