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TONIGHT, AFTER A RATHER LARGE SNACK, I TORE INTO ONE OF MY OAT ROOTS.  Man, I love these things.  Can't have 'em everyday or I build up a tolerance.  You're probably the same.

Oat roots are after all...

... Haute Routes.

Haute Routes are super cool events, that I used to pronounce hot route... thinking it meant super cool cycling route, then I met the crew over there on a work project.

But, that's not my point.

My point is I work Hot Routes into my weekly regimen.  

A hot route to me, is a loop that brings me pleasure and that I can really rip around on.  I might go out and just spin it a few times, then jump on it for a smokin' fast lap... or I might start our slow and go faster each lap... or I might rip the first lap and go slower and slower as I exhaust myself.

Typically, Tuesdays are the same Hot Route - The TMWC.
Wednesdays, I like to rip a loops off on the MTB
Fridays... I think of new ways to end up at the same old spot for a cup and some journal time.

Fun + Fast = Hot Route


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