I'M A SUCKER FOR ANYTHING THAT SAYS SUSTAINABLE, even if my spider sense is yelling Scam Scam Scam I'll do what I did today...

... and risk being semi-disappointed.

Yes, the salad with sustainable salmon was good, however is it sustainable just because it is such a tiny piece of salmon?

All I can say is it wasn't nearly as thrilling as using my sustainable power...

... to drop my friends on a hilly 45 minute grind.

What is sustainable power?

Like the salmon in my salad, sustainable power isn't a hugehuge effort.

For me, it's the racepace I can hold all day.  Not really all day, but for a longlong time...

... it's tempo.

150-159 beats a minute.

It's not a pace you use that much in road racing, where we have to hit it hard to hang on.
It's not a pace that will drop anyone immediately.

If that's true how did I drop my pals?

  • honestly, I'm a little fitter at the moment
  • I relentlessly kept the pace high
  • One by one over the final 20 minutes they popped off.

How does this fit into polarized training?

Well, I'm still laying lots of base miles in zones 1 and 2 for most of my rides...

... which leaves 2 rides a week to get after it.

But, doesn't that mean the 2 hard days should be all out with lots and lots of intervals or a group ride at race pace?

Yes, and no.

Yes, we need the 2 hard days.

But, if the upcoming races are likely to leave you alone for long periods of time, like a MTB race...

... one of the two hard days can certainly be sustainable power.

Done right, it will feel a little too easy at the start and super challenging towards the end.

I was hungry all afternoon after my sustainable salad...

... fortunately, my competitive spirit, was veryvery satiated.

Another way to improve sustainable power, is to do offthebike strength training, like the kind we do with RaceDay Ready.

Have you started it?


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