THERE IS A FANCIFUL IDEA THAT WE SHOULD ALL OWN N+1 BIKES, where N is the number of bikes we currently own.  Whether or not that is true, or even healthy, I'm not sure.  But, I am sure I am operating on N-2 at the moment...

... and it's going better than expected.

It started out as N-1 when I sold my very trustworthy road racer, AKA The Marvel.  This aluminum frame, dressed in e-tap and shod with ENVE was a sprinter's dream.  I sold it because a new road racer in the works...

... if only I didn't have to wait for a few key SRAM parts.

Then, I was adjusting the rebound on my MTB and the screw snapped right off in my fingers.  Fox says send it back bub, you'll never fix it on your own...

... if only I didn't have to wait for Fox to receive, repair and return my fork.

Which leaves with the gravel bike for snappy road rides like today, MTB rides like tomorrow, and recovery rides like Friday.

Here's what I've learned:

  • It's great for gravel.
  • It's just fine on the road if I max the air pressure to 55lbs... but if it's a fast group ride it's feels a heckuvalot like I'm on the front for the entire ride.
  • It's great offroad when I drop the pressure to 30lbs... but if it's super rocky gets to be too much after while.

To answer the several thousand dollar question Could I survive on one bike?

Yes, for sure.  I'm getting stronger on the road, because it's harder.  I'm picking cleaner lines when I ride it like a mountain bike because no suspension.  Plus, it's a heckuva gravel bike.

It's definitely a jack of all trades, master of fun.

Speaking of jack of all trades, one thing I love about these gloves is that the work perfectly for road, gravel and MTB.

Just like the socks.

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