ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO, my oldest got the racing bug.  It rekindled my desire to rip again.  A lot has happened since then...

... but not all at once.

That's the funny thing, of course, because to an outsider it can look like overnight success.

That's not the way it really works.

Think about this, if you could buy one thing for yourself this year to make sure you were faster what would it be?

Doesn't have to require cash,
could be time
or discipline
or sacrifice
or time.

Yes, time is in there twice because I generally waste shift loads of time and that is certainly something I'm still working on.

Now, to that every year for 10 years and watch the improvements compound like interest.

As the great Ed Latimore says...

... Be so good they think you are cheating.

Side note:  latest data says average American wastes 11.1 hours per day looking at screens.™

For me, that means gaining control of my calendar and having at least 1 event that is going to push me to a new level.

I prefer the biggest version to keep my vision front and center.

They ship free.

Happy to make one with your team graphics.™


7.7 hrs
17.1% b.f.
60.5% h2o
2 Strength Circuits
30 minutes recovery
60 minutes reading + Journaling 

Get RaceDay Ready™