I HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO INTERVIEW THE GREAT DOCTOR BODD TROWN ON MY UNKNOWN PODCAST.  As many of you know, Dr Bodd is a specialist in Brain Salvation Theory.  In fact he is so unfamous, I was surprised to he accepted my invitation.

Here is the nugget:

TB: Dr Bodd, what is the internet doing to our brain that is so dangerous?

DB:  Totally screwing us up.

TB:  That's a little harsh, and murky.  Can you be more specific?

DB:  Yes, yes, of course.  The internet, the digital world, the meaningless online lives we lead... are totally screwing us up.

TB:  Yikes!  Is there anything we can do?

DB:  Yes, do anything!  Do something!  Play for Heaven's sake.

TB:  Play?

DB:  Yes, don't be an idiot.  You know what playing is... things like riding a bicycle.

TB:  Well, we love riding bikes.

DB:  Then, you might have a chance... just leave your damn phone at home, or tuned off.

There ya have it folks... bike riding will save your brain.  And you can remind your friends to do the same by clicking here for this t.


8 hrs 
Ride with us: click for info. 



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