WHEN YOU LOOK DOWN AND YOUR COMPUTER INDICATES 170 bpm, and you're feeling no pain... it can mean a couple of things:

If you're barely moving, you're probably sick... go home, straight to bed, take your helmet off.

If you're really ripping, you're probably on a good day... try and keep your emotions in check, especially if it's early in the race.  Things can, and probably will, change.


... before we get to that, let me just cut to the chase.

There is one race around here that is tailormade for me... just enough climbing to hurt the pure sprinters, a longfalseflatdecent to discourage the pure climbers, and a 2 minute power climb to the finish. 

The last 3 years, it's be an A race for me and I've had magical days, but this year's plan is for MTB and I almost skipped it.

I'm glad I didn't.

A slew of really good racers aged up, and we had a good-sized group of 40 or so.  There was lots of probing and attacking.  I covered a few, until I started to feel some cramping coming on.

About 20 of us came into the final 2 minute climb, and I managed to get my self into perfect position on the wheel of last years' winner who was on the wheel of the best climber around. 1-2-3.

We ripped up the bottom, shed everybody and hit the flat before the final rise.  It's all big ring, and fast.

At this point my cramps hit hard and my legs seized up. 

150 meters to go.

1st and 2nd were gone.

Ya know the feeling when there's nothing in the legs and you're just begging them to turn over.  Pleading.  On hands and knees... and they just don't want to go

I looked back... the guys were coming hard... I looked down... the legs were cramping hard... I looked back... they're closer... I looked up... the line was farther away... I sputtered across the line.


So yeah, the 170 no pain... I no idea I'd be on a fine day..

Once the delirium was gone, I pulled up Strava... had to know, were we fast?

The data show we hit the bottom just as hard as last year, 1:14... but this year I had nothing for the sprint.

The difference, the prep.

But, the only reason I got up that first section so darn fast and was still able to hang on for a podium...

... I believe...

... in my heart of hearts...

... was PR Lotion... I really do believe that.  


Have you tried it yet?

If not, please do... it's a game changer.  We ship it for free, and just for the next few days, you can use this code AMPSAVE10.  Trust me on this.


Go get some.


164 (guess)
no work out
8 hrs sleep

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